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A long-time friend and customer sat in my chair last week. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked! I couldn’t help but look her up and down as I desperately tried to find something new about her. However, nothing truly stuck out as being new to her overall appearance. She just had this vibrancy about her I hadn’t seen before.

As we conversed, she reminded me that she had won a trip to NYC for a free makeover on 5thavenue. I was so happy for her, but deep inside my stomach I could feel the nervousness begin to rise as I thought to myself “Oh man… the last haircut I did on her must have been intricately analyzed by a ritzy high-paid NY stylist.”

Although I’m naturally competitive, the lifestyles and fashion in New York (being far beyond the comfort of my small-town salon) must have subconsciously humbled my ego as I listened to her talk about the trip. I figured that because she was still in my chair, they must have gone easy on the criticism of my bland western style cutting techniques.

I couldn’t help but ask about the prices for a haircut on 5th avenue, being that they shaped up a remarkably similar haircut to the one I cut on her the time before. $300. Ouch! “Yeah, crazy huh?” She said, as I snipped away at her locks. “There isn’t any difference between your haircut and the one I got there!” She spoke with an honest tone. I instantly vowed to myself not to let my confidence hit me in the face however, that made me feel awesome.

The big question. “Well did you get anything good out of this NYC trip? Learn anything new about yourself?” I asked her in attempt to also gain some knowledge for myself.

That’s when she told me about her custom color pallet that her personal stylist helped her design. Yes. I said color pallet. Not Picasso, just colors. Colors for YOU. Based upon your personal style, likes, dislikes, & overall lifestyle.

This is what was different about her! Her glow! It was COLOR!

So, this got me pumped up and later on that evening I was inspired to pull out my old beauty-school notebooks and review some class notes from 2006 to refresh my memory. In addition, I surfed the web and read about what’s HOT and what’s NOT for 2015.

I work with color each and every day at the salon, and being that it’s my job to make people look fabulous I suppose the thought never crossed my mind that some people may have no clue what color’s may or may not enhance their best features. This color pallet may be a great educational tool for my customers! So, here’s what I came up with.

  1. )Your Pallet should have at least 9 different colors.
  • 3 main colors
  • 2 neutral colors
  • 2-4 accent colors.
  1. Your color pallet must be built with colors that you not only naturally gravitate toward, but also needs to be colors that you will actually want to wear. In addition, the colors must be mixable.
  2. Remember to mix it up! A variety of colors is ideal. Have a variety of Neutrals, Accent Shades (at least 2), and Main Colors that easily work with each Neutral color.
  3. I suggest picking the colors that you love at first glance.
  4. Next, decide what colors you would actually wear. Is it realistic for someone who never wears the color red to have red in their color pallet? Maybe if they go buy an entirely new wardrobe. However, the point is to enhance your style. Not change the entire person you are or the closet that you have.

If you are having a hard time visualizing your pallet, here are some sample pallets that you can choose from.

Last but not least, here’s the hottest pallets for 2015!


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