Therapeutic Massage

A customized massage to promote a deep state of relaxation, renewed energy and ease of movement while stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems.  Essential oils are used to combine physical beautification with healing powers of plants and herbs to trigger mental and emotional responses.

30 Minutes - $35  |  60 Minutes - $65  |  90 Minutes - $93


Warm Stone Massage

A relaxing treatment to relieve stiffness and soreness and restore energy.  Smooth dark stones heated in water are first stroked across oiled skin and then placed on areas of the body such as the palms, the belly and in between toes.

75 Minutes - $95


Deep Tissue Massage

This pressure to neutralize trigger points within the body relieving pain and stress. Deep tissue massage may be used to treat whole body or specific areas.

30 Minutes - $45 |  60 Minutes - $75 |  90 Minutes - $103



Reflexology is the art of applying gentle pressure on specific areas of the feet which correspond to the organs, glands, and parts of the body. It eases tension, relaxing you while stimulating the body's own healing mechanisms. It is both pleasant and soothing while restoring your energy. Each treatment starts with a soothing foot soak.

60 Minutes - $65        75 Minutes - $80