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A long-time friend and customer sat in my chair last week. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked! I couldn’t help but look her up and down as I desperately tried to find something new about her. However, nothing truly stuck out as being new to her overall appearance. She just had this vibrancy about her I hadn’t seen before.

As we conversed, she reminded me that she had won a trip to NYC for a free makeover on 5thavenue. I was so happy for her, but deep inside my stomach I could feel the nervousness begin to rise as I thought to myself “Oh man… the last haircut I did on her must have been intricately analyzed by a ritzy high-paid NY stylist.”

Although I’m naturally competitive, the lifestyles and fashion in New York (being far beyond the comfort of my small-town salon) must have subconsciously humbled my ego as I listened to her talk about the trip. I figured that because she was still in my chair, they must have gone easy on the criticism of my bland western style cutting techniques.

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